Dear students,

Is rheumatology worth of studying? I am deeply convinced, the answer is affirmative! In fact, one cannot overestimate the practical importance of this medical specialty.

Rheumatic conditions belong to the most common ones. Several hundred million people already suffer from rheumatic diseases and dramatic increase in their prevalence is expected due to the ageing population.

Better understanding of immune mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis fo rheumatic conditions has recently led to the development of new therapeutic options for chronic arthritis. A new class of drugs called "biologicals" made a real brakethrough in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic conditions. Still, however, we are not able to cure arthritis and there is a lot of research work to do for future rheumatologists and immunologists, maybe one of yours?

I wish you a lot of success in your student's and professional career and hope that you will find our course interesting and meeting your expectations.


New! Immunity and rheumatic conditions

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Understanding immune dysfunction in rheumatic conditions - the way to better treatment

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